BMW 135i, 128i, and 1 Series photos, videos, and information

Sold Out! BMW 1 Series M Coupe They said it was coming, and the BMW 1 Series M Coupe is now history. Though BMW is still building out the model run, it has closed ordering and “all cars are spoken for,” according to Car and Driver. The report comes from the magazine’s European correspondent, it’s assumed that any remaining cars are destined to remain in Europe, meaning [...] Read More»

BMW 135i

2012 BMW M135i»

Here is a sign that (1) BMW is still intent on having fun with its ultimate driving machines and (2) it realized quickly that it got it wrong on the 1 Series hatchback redesign and needed to dress it up, literally, to save face. Whatever the justification for its existence, this M135i three-door hatch is as close to outrageously [...]

BMW 1 Series

The world’s fastest BMW 1 M»

G-POWER is building the BMW 1 M Coupe the way it should have come from the factory! 600 hp and 330 km/h are the key figures of the G1 V8 HURRICANE RS with a supercharged M3 V8 engine and so the world’s fastest BMW 1M Coupe comes – once again – from G-POWER. After G-POWER [...]

BMW 128i

BMW 128i against MINI Cooper S at the racetrack»

I bet you any money that you didn’t expect such a comparison today featured on the blog, but our friends over at InsideLine have done it again. They decided to take the BMW 128i Convertible and the MINI Cooper S Cabrio at the track and see how they stack against each other. Almost a year ago, [...]