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BMW Theme for Blackberry Pearl 8100

Oct 31st, 2007 • Category: BMW General

I wanted to share the BMW theme I developed for the Blackberry Pearl 8100.

I’ve tested this on my Blackberry 8100 Pearl and it looks great. It’s based on the Zen Smoothie Theme and won’t modify things too much – it just gives your Blackberry a sporty clean BMW look and appeal. People will ask where you got it! Tell ‘em you found it here,

Blackberry BMW Theme Blackberry BMW Theme

Note in the image below, the battery level indicator consists of an M-Series logo. When the battery is fully charged, the Blackberry 8100 BMW Theme Levelsemblem is in full color. As the battery loses its charge, the M emblem loses its color, fading out from right to left.

The signal reception indicator is defined by sport colored bars, starting from M-emblem blue at the highest reception and fading to M-emblem red at the lowest reception.

When using the trackball, the active icon is identified by an underglowing M-Series flag.

Download this BMW Theme for the Blackberry 8100 Pearl OTA (Over-the-air) by entering this address into your Blackberry web browser:

From there you will be prompted to install the theme on your Blackberry. It might take a few minutes depending on your signal strength – there are a lot of graphics in the theme.

Note that this has been tested and working on my Blackberry 8100 Pearl. It has NOT been tested on any other Blackberry versions besides the 8100 Pearl. Use at your own intelligence!

As I said, it should work fine on the 8100 Pearl. If you’re unsure, it’s always good to back up your phone first. Disclaimer: I’m not responsible if you mess up your Blackberry.

If you want to install the theme via Blackberry Desktop Manager let me know and I may make those files available as well.

Blackberry BMW 335i Theme

Due to popular demand I’ve created a BMW 335i theme for the Blackberry Pearl. This theme is based on the above BMW theme, but with emphasis on the 335i (even though this is a 1-Series website). The battery level and signal strength indicator are as follows – highest to lowest, top to bottom:

Notice the difference between an active screen and a locked screen. The locked screen features the BMW with headlights on! That’s my favorite thing about this theme!

BMW 135i 225i Blackberry Theme BMW 135i 335i Blackberry Theme

Type in your Blackberry web browser to download the BMW 335i theme to your Blackberry! And as always, let me know what you think!

Make your own custom MP3 Ringtones for your Blackberry

Updated 7/23/2008

Install the BMW 335i theme using Desktop Manager

Due to popular demand and encouragement from a lot of you (thanks for the compliments), I’ve decided to make the .alx and .cod files available for computer download. This will provide the ability to install the theme using Blackberry Desktop Manager, instead of over-the-air, which I know some of you may not have access to.

1.) Download both of these files to the same folder on your computer (right-click each one and choose “Save file as” or “Save target as”) :

335i Blackberry Pearl BMW Theme .alx
335i Blackberry Pearl BMW Theme .cod

2.) Open Desktop Manager and connect your Blackberry. Once connected, double-click the Application Loader icon. Follow the prompts until you reach the window to Add an application.

Click the Add button and locate and select the .alx file you just downloaded. Click Next, then Finish.

The theme should now be accessible on your Blackberry Pearl. Sorry, but this BMW theme will NOT work on the Curve.

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  1. Love love love the theme!!! I’m a blackberry lover and most of all….a BMW lover. My car of choice is the 2001 m3. I have your BMW them on my 8100 and use it all the time. Let me know if you decide to do a 2004 m3 theme.

  2. I just loaded this on my pearl. You did a great job ….looks fantastic. My ride of choice is the new M6. If you or anyone you know has a theme based on this beast … let me know.
    Thanks again ….. I’m using the theme right now!

  3. Thanks for the compliments! I’m glad you like the theme. I’m looking for ideas to update it so if you have any, send them over.

  4. WOW, not very often you find EXACTLY what you are looking for in the technology arena. This theme takes the cake even tho i am a Beemer (2 wheels) fan. Thanks for your hard work. Its appreciated every time i am with my BB (always).

  5. I would love a 2007 BMW 335i theme. Could you please create one or let me know where I could find one?

    much appreciated.

  6. Just uploaded a BMW 335i theme. Enjoy!

  7. Awesome themes!

    We are having a themebuilding contest on our website, feel free to come over and check it out!

  8. Nice…don;t I know you…LOL

    Id this in the site? Would love this with some tweaks….maybe you can send me this when I get all this damn software installed so I can “look” at it….I own a 1998 528i and would love to do something with that!

  9. Hi
    I sent you an e-mail to please send me the zip file for the theme since I am not able to do OTA ,If its not too much trouble.I would relly appriciated.
    God Bless

  10. Hey, can you email me the ALX files for both themes (I can’t download OTA)


  11. Great themes!! An amazingly big fan of BMW. Please send me the files so I can use desktop manager to open them.


  12. Please,
    I would like to have this theme on my cellphone, Its really cool
    Please send me a reply on this so that i can download it.
    Many Thanks,

  13. I downloaded the bmw them to my 8100 blackberry pearl but still can’t figure out how to do OTA can you please help

  14. Love all u’re themes, I want to be able to download them thru my desktop, can you please email them to me! i’d love to have them.
    thanks a lot

  15. Hey buddy can you please help I downloaded it to my blackberry but its not showing up under themes I really like it and want it on my pearl please advise

  16. i wanna learn how to make your own themes.i was wondering if you can teach me. just write down the instructions over here, and ill recive it in my mail.thanks.

  17. this is unreal, but I have a curve 8310, any way to get the 335i to work on my phone..
    I have never seen something so nice… I must have it!!
    please help.

  18. This is a must have for a 335i owner! Awesome work. I will pay $$$ for this if you can do it for a 8300 Curve! PLEASE let me know.

    Thanks and great work.

  19. Please tell me you know how to get it to work on the 8330? Please, that top one is SICK!!! Let me know!

  20. I have the new theme builder which includes the ability to program a theme for the curve. Can you send me the .thm file??????? Oh man I want your theme on my phone so bad!!! I have create an ok one so far but its not as clean as yours!!!!

  21. Ok so I loved your idea and decided to base my first theme on some of the ideas in yours, check out the theme I created for the Curve…

  22. Hey Tim….any luck on getting the 335 done for the curve yet??

  23. Hey, can you email me the .ALX files for the 335i theme please

    Marco K.

  24. Am I too late? Every time I try to get to the link from my BB it says Error – Not Found. However, when I download from my computer it downloads the .jad.


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