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Carbon Fiber Roof for BMW 1 series

Aug 9th, 2012 • Category: BMW 1 Series

From 2006 a-workx has provided professional performance tuning for sports cars such as Porsche, Ferrari and BMW. Now, they have released a carbon fiber roof panel for the BMW 1 series coupe, also including the exclusive 1M coupe.

Previously released for the the M3 E92, the roof is now available for the 1 Series. The advantages are a drecrease of weight of 6Kg (compared to a standard non sunroof). The weight reduction at the top of the car lowers the center of gravity and reduces  lateral G forces. Agility and driving performance are greatly improved.

This might be a feasible tuning option for better performance and appearance for the 1 series coupe. The carbon fiber roof panel is first-notch in quality, and it looks amazing.

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