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More info on the BMW 135i Coupe price

Aug 8th, 2007 • Category: BMW 135i

In a previous article on the BMW 135i coupe price, I have stated my opinion on what the base price might be for the BMW 135i coupe. Back then, I mentioned that the price for the 135i Coupe could be and it makes sense to be placed around $35,000. I have based my statement on the fact that the BMW 135i comes with an M-tuned sport suspension, standard 18-inch aluminum wheels with high performance tires and an M-body kit.

For example, the M package, or the competition package for the E46 M3, it’s around $4000, so it would make perfect sense for BMW to offer the package standard so they can attract the bimmer fans and enthusiasts, but in the same time BMW will have to raise the price and step into the territory of its higher class cars, such as the BMW 328i.

But looking back at my arguments, I realized that I might have not taken into consideration all the facts. (more…)

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