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BMW 135i – Montego Blue Photos

Aug 3rd, 2007 • Category: BMW 135i

I think these are the first BMW 135i Montego Blue spy photos that I have seen so far. The official brochure, showed the BMW 135i in a red exterior color. Most of the spy photos that I have seen were either in the red or black exterior.

These photos were taken in Munich and of course, the 135i is debadged, like there is anything to hide anymore. I have to admit, the BMW 135i is definitely growing on me and seeing it with in the Montego Blue color, makes it even more attractive.

A few more months, and hopefully we will see it at the L.A Auto Show. In case you missed my article on how to get on the waiting list of the 1-series, go here

Update: I found a youtube video as well

BMW 135i (more…)

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