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BMW 135i vs BMW E92 M3 – photo comparison

Aug 3rd, 2007 • Category: BMW 135i

Thanks to ningshao, a member of, here is another comparison between the most talked about cars today: the BMW 135i and BMW E92 Me.

Following a trend, previously I have posted these comparisons BMW 135i vs BMW 335i and BMW E46 M3 vs BMW E92 M3 , I’m going to show you today a new photo comparison. Take a look at the pictures and the specifications comparison and answer this question:
Do you think the new M3 will be worth $30k more than the BMW 135i?

BMW 135i

HP: 300/5800rpm 414/8300rpm

Torque: 300/1400rpm

Weight: ~3200lb

0-62: 5.3 sec

Price: unofficial 33K

E92 M3 HP: 414/8300rpm295/3900rpmWeight: ~3600lb

0-62: 4.6 sec

Price: unofficial 62K

BMW 135i vs E92 M3 (more…)

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  1. Yup, a cool car. However, I hope that they’re planning on offering a ragtop version in 2009. I know it’s early, but has anyone heard?

    The current 3 series has the drop hard-top, which I don’t like as there’s no room for anything (especially golf clubs) in the trunk. The 1 series has a shorter rear, which ought to be good only for the ragtop like the 3 series I have now.

    I can be patient for a year or so, but otherwise it may end up being that Volvo C70. It’s not as hot a car and it has the hard drop top, but at least they’ve designed it so that you can get golf clubs in the trunk.

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