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BMW 1-series performance catalog

Feb 16th, 2008

The numero-uno forum for all things 1-series got a hold of BMW’s brochure for its upcoming line of performance parts, and as suspected, much of the kit originally seen on the tii concept will be available through authorized BMW dealers. The photos posted last week of the modified 1-series show the same car displayed in [...]

BMW 1 Series Convertible Photos

Feb 16th, 2008

U.S. auto buyers are used to downsizing. It came in the mid-1970s after the first oil shock, and it’s back again right now with the shift from SUVs to crossovers. But in Europe it’s pretty much an alien concept. For decades they’ve run a simple size escalator. Every model gets slightly bigger with each successive [...]

1 Series Press Release from the L.A. Auto Show

Nov 15th, 2007

NORTH AMERICAN DEBUT FOR NEW BMW 1 SERIES COUPE IN LOS ANGELES 2008 is Year 1 of the 1 Woodcliff Lake, NJ – November 2, 2007, 6PM EDT… The BMW 1 Series Coupe, which draws inspiration from the iconic BMW 2002 of some 40 years ago, will make its North American debut at the Los [...]

More BMW 1-series coupe photos

Nov 3rd, 2007