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The world’s fastest BMW 1 M

Nov 16th, 2012

G-POWER is building the BMW 1 M Coupe the way it should have come from the factory! 600 hp and 330 km/h are the key figures of the G1 V8 HURRICANE RS with a supercharged M3 V8 engine and so the world’s fastest BMW 1M Coupe comes – once again – from G-POWER. After G-POWER [...]

A-workx ‘Mighty 1′ based on the 1-Series M Coupe

Nov 16th, 2012

After a-workx showed us the fastest street legal M3 Coupe with the M3 460 CS last fall, now they;ve finished work on the M3’s little brother. The biggest difference of the “Mighty 1″ is the Carbon roof that lowers the center of gravity by eliminating 13 lbs from the car’s highest point. If you consider [...]

BMW 1 Series GT leaked on a mag cover?

Sep 15th, 2012

This might seem crazy, but you might be seeing the all-new BMW 1 Series GT. The photo below  was leaked by (a Serbian site of no relation to our own), who (so they say) got their hands on the next cover of Germany’s Auto Bild, planned to hit stands Friday, September 14. According to the report, [...]

Carbon Fiber Roof for BMW 1 series

Aug 9th, 2012

From 2006 a-workx has provided professional performance tuning for sports cars such as Porsche, Ferrari and BMW. Now, they have released a carbon fiber roof panel for the BMW 1 series coupe, also including the exclusive 1M coupe. Previously released for the the M3 E92, the roof is now available for the 1 Series. The [...]

New coilover kit for BMW 1-Series Cabriolet

Jul 28th, 2012

For over 10 years, ap is the right arena for lowering at an economical price. Now ap offers a coilover kit for the BMW 1-Series cabriolet (182, 1C) (from year 03/08). The coilover kit offers a TÜV-tested height adjustment (front 30-55 mm and rear 25–50 mm), which allows a variable lowering of the vehicle. Therefore [...]

BMW 1 Series sedan specs, wtf?

Jun 7th, 2012

The  dimensions of the BMW 3 Series have been a source of enthusiasts chatter for years. The 3er’s growth isn’t all that shy, especially now: the sedan is 10.6″ longer and 8.3″ wider than it was in 1975, or for a more modern perspective, the brand new 3 Series is 6.5″ longer than it was in 2002. [...]